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BD Actress and Model Safa Kabir Full Biography with Photo

Written by on Monday, June 12, 2017 | Last Update on 6/12/2017
01) Full Name : Safa Kabir
02) Birth Date : 29 August, 1994
03) Birth Place : Barisal - Bangladesh
04) Occupation : Actress and Model
05) Years Active : 2013 to (Present)
06) Spouse (s) : N/A
07) Religion : Islam
08) Zodiac Sign : Virgo

Safa Kabir

About Safa Kabir

Safa is a Bangladeshi popular actress and model. She is a potential actress in bd who gets the star title with an advertisement of Pran. Safa Kabir is a rising star in the country, within terribly short time she has established her name within the media arena and grabs the audience heart. She is best referred to as selfie queen to the youngster round the country.

Early Life of Safa Kabir

Safa was born on Twenty Nine August 1994 in Barisal. Grandfather named her Annatomy Kelly because father Humayun Kabir was in Russia for business purpose. However she is best called Safa Kabir within the media. She presently studies BBA subject at AIUB (American International University). She lives at Nakhalpara with her mother and father lives in German.

Career of Safa Kabir

Safa began the journey within the media with a television advertisement for Airtel. She performs in several popular TV commercial including Pran Peanut Bar and Parachute Oil. She also hosted a program named Style and Trend on NTV. She acted in a widespread telefilm 18 All Time Dourer Upor. This telefilm has established her name within the media corner.

She comes to the timeline around the country once acting in the telefilm and grabs the audience’s view. Then she acted within the drama Eka Meye. She acted within the drama Valobasha 101 with Salman Muqtadir and Mishu Sabbir in 2014. The actress already performs in numerous successful drama including Junak Poka, University and Black Magic.

Weight, Height and Body Measurements of Safa Kabir

01) Height : 5 Feet 4 Inches
02) Weight : 45 KG
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