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Why a Blogger Should Never Give Up His Blogging Career

Written by on Saturday, May 13, 2017 | Last Update on 5/13/2017
Do you wish to quit the planet of blogging because you're not generating any quantity from it? Sometimes everybody has to face minor hitches in their life, however one who stand firm with devotion and self believe forever wins the race without any hesitation whatever. 

Almost every body enters the planet of blogging to generate some good revenue, however they do not realize that earning money online isn't a child’s play they can't earn millions of dollar within the month in which they began to blog. Blogging is all about your maintaining patience and temper though the minor downs and ups will come. 

However one who is aware of how to handle these things will never tumble down. If you're sophisticated to dump your blogging career, then today we'll show you the complete reasons why you should never quit or give up blogging.

Why a Blogger Should Never Give Up His Blogging Career

No Earning and Lots of Loss

The first factor that matters lots to Webmasters is money and earning. They never understand that to earn adecent quantity you have to be consistent and devoted to your job. They forever complain that everybody is earning lots of money while we are stilling twiddling with few bucks. 

They assume that within twelve months of their blogging career, they can be as rich. Making money with a web site looks very easy, however basically it's not that easier that's looks. Moreover, do not run behind success, attempt to explore excellence and success will follow you.

Decline in Traffic

The worst factor that could dent a webmaster rather badly is the decline in traffic. Traffic is the blessings of our hard work, however if all of a sudden traffic vanishes then what we'd feel? It's quite clear that we may lose our temper and the chances are very high that we'd have to say farewell to blogging. 

After we begin a web site we hardly get ten guests each day, however as the time precedes readers are converted into followers. However, after tasting piles of success all of a sudden we saw a significant drop in our visitor and that literally was the real game changer. 

Webmasters have to understood the actual fact that blogging isn't about traffic it’s about the respect and authority. Majority of common websites have gone through the same stress, however they never look back because they knew that the difficulties are temporary while success is forever.

Less Search Engine Influence

Due to less search engine traffic most of the webmasters thinks that they have no future within the blogosphere, however basically we do not need Search Engines any longer because now days we've the ability of social media like Twitter, Facebook and more. Nevertheless, search traffic is very important for a web site, however if you got exposure on social media, then search engine will follow the same.

Penguin and Panda Penalty

Google Penguins and Panda have played important role in bringing evolution in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), however if we see the opposite image, then it's quite clear that the algorithm updates have also affected the majority of loyal webmasters. 

This is the reason why once obtaining punished from Penguin or Panda algorithm webmasters began to leave the blogosphere that isn't the way to go. By means of constructing quality content webmasters can simply get out of the penalized box because Google only cares about high quality content.

Whatever You Do But Never Give Up

If you're a person, then you should never give up in any circumstances because a person always stands stood in front of all the difficulties and try his best to surpass everybody. As we all know difficulties travel along our shadow however one who remains steady and calm continuously wins. Below are some important issue that you should always remember.

01) Keep your readers happy because they're the true fruits of your hard work.

02) Never worry about your visitor always believes in your abilities and produce attractive content.

03) Do not spend your time in building low quality backlinks and try to gain quality backlinks through guest posting.

04) Try to refresh your web site content on daily basis and publish a minimum of one top quality article per day.

It takes lots of hard work to determine a website. However it only takes few seconds to demolish the respect within the eyes of your readers, so never demand anything. Simply continue to build quality content and your guests will cheer your hard work.
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