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Top 5 Best Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks for Your New Blog

Written by on Wednesday, May 10, 2017 | Last Update on 5/10/2017
Link building is one among the most vital elemant of SEO that helps you to get high page rank on search engines. As well as Google offers additional importance to your blog pages. Several blogger focuses on buying backlinks or low quality backlinks however this is not the proper way to get backlinks.

If you wish quality backlinks then you should get backlinks from high Domain Authority (DA) blogs. If you've broken links or low quality backlinks then your blog can get punished by Google algorithm update. 

After Google updating his system with several algorithms like hummingbird, penguin and now panda is rolled out so currently link building is going to be tougher and tougher for beginner bloggers. So today we are going to discuss regarding backlink and i'll show you some ways to get free quality backlinks for your blog.

Top 5 Best Ways to Get High Quality Backlinks for Your New Blog

Write High Quality and Unique Contents

First impression is the last impression this line about to be absolutely fit in this sentence because if your first reader satisfy with your posts then he will return to your blog more and more.

Always try to publish high quality unique contents for your guests. Several blogging communities accepts only unique and well explained articles so here good quality of contents matter a lot. 

Writing high quality and unique contents isn't simple. If you want to create your contents readable then keep updating yourself through reading articles related to your niche and do some paper work before writing blog post.

Comment on Different Blogs

Blog commenting is one of the most effective way to get backlink from any web site and you'll be able to maintain your relationship with new bloggers simply as well. So comment on commentluv enabled and dofollow blogs to get backlink.

01) Do not leave your comment in single line and out of a subject if you're doing that kind of mistake then your comment may get rejected.

02) Do not be selfish while commenting. I mean provide some appreciation to their work.

Submit your Blog in Different Blog Directories

Submit your blog in top blog directories that helps you to get some of quality backlinks and also traffic. Do not submit your blog in low page rank blogs because i'm here to show you the way get top quality backlinks and low page rank directories means you cannot get top quality backlinks. So keep this point in your mind.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very effective way to get prime quality backlink. If you're searching for guest blogging then keep some points in your mind that helps you to get approval of your guest post.

If you keeping below points in your mind then certainly your post will get approved. Once submitting guest post you'll get good traffic.

01) Do not submit old, repeated or copied article. it creates bad impression so submit untouched article.

02) Do not write small post, write a minimum of 800 to 1000 word article.

03) Do not submit post that isn't relevant to their niche.

Social Media Sharing

We all understand social media is the one of the most effective way to get backlinks and massive traffic. If your post is worth read then your first social media reader will become your loyal reader.

Many groups available on facebook where you'll be able to submit your blog article. So i recommend you to join maximum Google Plus communities and FB groups. 

Then you'll see some changes in your traffic stats. Do not forget to use Hash tag (#) while sharing article on social media. It is playing a hidden role to boost your post views.
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