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Top 10 Best Free AMP Blogger Templates for Blogspot

Written by on Monday, May 01, 2017 | Last Update on 5/01/2017
AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a new project by search giant Google to create mobile browsing very simple and quick. Most of the blogspot templates aren't responsive and light. So here is a full list of best free AMP blogger themes. All of the given below templates are free so grab them quick.

AMP Blogspot Themes

What is Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an trending and upcoming technology so you actually need to adopt it as possible as you can. Also adopting this technology will boost your search rankings by seventy percent.

You can see how Google ranks Accelerated Mobile Pages pages within the search results. You'll be able to increase your blog's CTR and SERP by over seventy percent.

I am definitely planning to adopt this as soon as i can and you must too because you know people love quick pages and now a days most of the folks use mobile phone to surf websites.

Why you Need Accelerated Mobile Pages

I already mentioned that AMP is on fire. This has too great future so adopting it'll positively boost your blog CTR and Traffic. People do not like slow loading web site. However to avoid this SEO drawback you certainly need to adopt this style.

If you are using Google's Blogspot platform and do not know how to develop these types of templates, then you can use any of the below AMP themes for free. Do not confuse between blogger template and blogspot theme. Both are same.

Best Free AMP Blogspot Themes

So these are some AMP powered blospot templates which you can use for free. I will update this list and add more themes ASAP.

Siniladom AMP Blogger Template

Siniladom AMP Blogspot Theme

Siniladom is very responsive and light. It has 2 columns layout which will help you get more leads easily. It is highly customizable and AdSense friendly. You can use this theme on your blogspot blog for free.

Vletters AMP Blogger Template

Vletters AMP Blogspot Theme

Live Demo | Download

Vletters is modern and stylish. Its design is beautiful and simple. This theme is SEO optimized, so you can easily use it on your blog. It is highly customizable.

Blanterde AMP Blogger Template

Blanterde AMP Blogspot Theme

Live Demo | Download

Blanterde is beautiful and high-quality. It has a gorgeous 2 columns layout which looks great but also is very light. This theme loads in few seconds and can improve your search rankings rapidly.

BlogAMP Blogger Template

BlogAMP Blogspot Theme

BlogAMP is high-quality and responsive. It is very fast and light to load. It is free of cost so you can use this theme right now on your blog. It has nice cards layout which makes it look nice.

AMPHTML Blogger Template

AMPHTML Blogspot Theme

AMPHTML is another responsive and highly customizable. It has also 2 columns layout with a left side navbar which looks pretty good. It has a material design like card layout which looks awesome. It is very fast loading and light blogspot theme.
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