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Top 5 Best Ways to Improve Alexa Traffic Rank in 2017

Written by on Saturday, May 06, 2017 | Last Update on 5/06/2017
Alexa ranks blog or website on the basis of visitor they get. Not all the visitor, however only from those users who have Alexa Toolbar installed on their browser. What does it mean is, if you're obtaining traffic from Alexa toolbar subscribers, your Alexa rank will keep increasing day by day.

Alexa is a service or product of the eCommerce giant Amazon. Although having a decent Alexa rank does not assist you directly in any method, however still it have its own advantages. So lets check how you increase your alexa rank.

Top 5 Best Ways to Improve Alexa Traffic Rank

Content is King so Write Unique Content

Writing a unique content helps you to make good relation with your readers or customer and it contributes to obtaining additional pure targeted visitor for the extended time however writing only a content helps you to increase visitor to your blog or website.

For this reason, most of the companies try to produce great content that provides value to the user. Thus, the perception of the company is absolutely influenced by the general public. Current, high quality and unique content is important for good ranking in search engines like Google.

During the early days of the net, websites were able to achieve a high ranking simply by loading the text with keywords. Since then, Google has provided new updates like Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda that rate quality content progressively higher.

All Search Engines and especially Google loves helpful and new content and they prioritized content based on their uniqueness and freshness. As a starting of this article, i discussed Alexa rank directly related to visitor that is arriving on your web site.

Once you write good content on some topics, Google provides you first spot on their page for related queries. Most visitor comes from search engine first page and if your post found on the first page then its drive the lots of visitor to your blog or website.

Install Alexa Toolbar

Alexa ranks blogs or websites based on tracking a sample set of internet traffic such as users of its toolbar for the Firefox, Google Chorme and sends yours hits to Alexa servers to get your required website or blog Alexa ranking.

Do Not Forget Power in Social Media Network

Share your content to social media to exploring the mine of largest traffic supplier. You'll be able to promote your web site to millions of individuals on social media. A decent number will visit your site and cause your Alexa ranking to go viral.

Some of the most common social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked In, Stumble Upon, Google Plus and Delicious. To achieve targeted visitor set up Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook page for your website. And also Submit your site to Reddit, Digg and StumbleUpon.

Increase Backlinks to Improve Alexa Rank

Comment on different websites that are under similar niche to your blog and that have good visitors. This will produce backlinks for your blog. There by increasing backlinks your Alexa rank will increase fast.

Try to Buy Alexa Exchange or Traffic Program

Buy Alexa Traffic from users with the Alexa toolbar installed to exchange visitor for the purpose of skyrocketing their Alexa rank.
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