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Blogger vs WordPress Comparing Disadvantages and Advantages

Written by on Monday, April 10, 2017 | Last Update on 4/10/2017
It has been nearly an era we are talking about the competition of Blogger and WordPress. There were several discussion which has additional potensional, who is best and more. But within the end we failed to get the solution that one is better some of the popular publisher suggest Blogspot because of its Widgets whereas other suggest WP due to its features.

This is the reason why this mystery remains to be answered. So today this mystery will be finally answered. You do not need to listen anybody which is better you've to take the choice on your own do not rely on anybody. In reaching the end of this article you'll able to take your decision which one is best on the basis of their benefits and drawbacks.
Blogger vs WordPress Comparing Disadvantages and Advantages

What are the Advantages of using WordPress Platform

01) Thousands of Plugins : WordPress has nearly all kinds of plugin's. You just name it and WP has it.

02) SEO Friendly : The most important reason why publisher selected WordPress is it's seo friendly nature. By using completely different plugin you can quickly get numerous traffic unlike blogger.

03) Easy to Use : A bit like Blogger WP also has this feature its terribly simple to control and you do not need any training to use it. 

04) Quickly Build Traffic : As a result of its SEO Plugin's, its terribly simple to drive traffic from WordPress and many plugin's also play an vital role in driving traffic.

What are the Advantages of using Blogger Platform

01) Free Hosting by Google : By using blogger you do not need to purchase any hosting service all you need is to shop for a domain for your blog.

02) HTML/CSS : The main reason of selecting Blogspot is its compatibility towards CSS/HTML you can simply customise your template with the help of style sheet. Which could create your blog look better.

03) 100 Percent Up Server : It is important for your website to remain alive 24/7 in an year and because of Google server your website stay alive every time.

04) Un Hackable Experience : Because of Google hosting it is almost not possible to hack Blogspot blog.

05) Widgets : Blogger has thousands of widgets to customise your blog from footer to header.

06) User Friendly : Blogger is incredibly much user friendly all the tools are very easy and extremely simple to control.

07) WebSite Speed : The speed of web site is incredibly important. It is the key factor in SEO and Blogger offer very fast user experience.

08) Google's Attitude : We all think just because blogspot is owned by Google it rank blogger blog well in google search and that is true.

What are the Disadvantages of using WordPress

01) Un optimization Themes : You cann't optimize CSS/HTML in WP that is one of its biggest disadvantage.

02) Similarities of Themes : You usually encounter this downside in WordPress several sites also has a similar theme that you've. Themes are shared all over the net so that chances are terribly high. To get unique theme you've to pay some cash to develop a brand new one.

03) Security Reasons : In WordPress its terribly hard to take care of your security.Many hackers use cloning software to hijack your blog. Which is the biggest cons of using WP.

04) Spend lot of Money in Hosting : Usually you've to buy a decent hosting with massive bandwidth to stable your blog speed in order to get good hosting you've to spend a minimum of twenty dollar per month that is way higher than the reach of common person.

What are the Disadvantages of using Blogger

01) Lose Traffic Quickly : Usually in Blogspot if you do not post per week you might lose your traffic that is the biggest disadvantage of blogger.

02) Lack of Hosting : The major downside of blogger is it's hosting, it doesn't permit you to manage your hosting it provides it's own hosting and if your blog is against the policies of Blogspot you blog might face detention by obtaining you blog prohibited.

03) Difficult to SEO : To get traffic SEO is the key however in Blogger you can not do any thing to enhance its SEO quickly. You can only improve SEO by building quality backlinks and content.

So now i'm sure this great discussion will end for you at least now you can take the choice which one should be used and which one is best. On my personal experience Blogger is best this doesn't mean WP isn't better if you work hard on WordPress obviously you'll get the rewards however in comparison of WordPress vs Blogspot i feel Blogspot is the true winner. ow its up to you what you'd selected.
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